We will be using "the Message" bible version and be studying the gospel of St. Luke. The meetings will be held at Tikkurila church. Some refreshments will be served.


The group will start next fall 2022. The dates are thursdays  22.9, 27.10 och 24.11. We will have the meetings from 2pm-4 pm.


For more information and enrollment please contact deacon Heidi Salminen 050 3301828 



En Bibel som är öppnad och ett anteckningsblock med en penna.

Welcome to Vanda svenska församling!


Where we are

The Swedish speaking parish is for all those living in Vantaa whose mother tongue or language of contact is Swedish. Unlike other Vantaa parishes, it has no designated region inside the city. Our offices are located in Dickursby (Tikkurila). Usually we celebrate Mass at the Church of St. Lawrence or in Tikkurilan kirkko.

Information about other parishes in Vantaa and about parish services can be found here.

No matter your own convictions, you are most welcome!

The parish office

Phone: +358 9 830 6262

Email: vandasvenska@evl.fi


The office is open from Mon-Fri from 9 am to 12 pm.

A deacon is on call Thursdays from 10 am to 11.30 am.

The contact person in international matters is : to be named


Come and join us!

We celebrate Mass at Church of St. Lawrence every Sunday at 10 am. There are also other activities at the church and in other locations across Vantaa. We speak Swedish, but you can join us even if we do not share a common language. Multicultural activities and activities in English across Vantaa can be found here.

If you wish to know more about God or about the activities of the parish, you can telephone us, email us or come in for a visit. You can speak with a pastor or with a deacon. If you have worries, we can pray for you. We can also help you search for ways to solve your problems.

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Vanda svenska församling
Stationsvägen 12a
01300 Vanda

You will find more info in English as you go to page: